Sunday, January 15, 2017


                                                             Monthly Focus: Straight Punch
                                                             Philosophy: Strong Roots

FREE Meals with $199 Holiday Promo

If you haven't jumped on our promo yet, check it out!  This is one of the best deals in the city right now :)  BUT we are also ADDING IN MORE FOR FREE!   Until Feb 1, if you purchase this promo, you can get 2 FREE Meals from Marble Meals! 

What is Marble Meals?? 
Do you find it hard to get meals made on time, let alone make them healthy? Finding yourself dipping into Timmies or McDonald's for lunch and dinner?  If you haven't tried Marble Meals, you need to check it out.

For $15 a meal, you can enjoy something from the home kitchen of Red Seal Chef and Certified Nutrition Manager (as well as Muay Thai trainee), Karen! She delivers all across the North York area, as well as directly to YMT. 

Glory 37 Stream at YMT!

We will be viewing Matt Embree's Glory title shot on Friday Jan 20th at 10:30pm via UFC FightPass :)

Come on out...BYO food, booze and enjoy the fights!

Twins Shin Guards at YMT

In addition to all of the high quality Twins gear currently at YMT, we now have shin guards also available for sale. These are compact, but also made of a durable leather for maximum of the best brands in the world.  

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Closed Jan 2

Apologies YMT! We are "closed Monday Jan 2" (no classes), contrary to an earlier post. There was an error printed on our hours!
See you all Tuesday!
Happy New Year to everyone.

*PC David will be at the gym between 12pm-3pm for open training on that day. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Two in a week!

With the New Year approaching, we've been reflecting on how to be more effective both inside and outside of the gym. Here are two parting thoughts before we go on break for a few days!

Thank you Kru Chris

A warm thank you to Kru Chris Williams for coming by and guest teaching our 7:30 pm class last night!!